The power of a positive thought can set a momentum for comfort and change.

The power of a positive thought can set a momentum for comfort and change.

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Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up in one mood and it changes instantly because you allowed outside influences to swing your mood to one way or another? It is when we feel the most joy in one moment that fear jumps in like a reminder that we have another dualistic emotional rollercoaster within us. When we are not centered or aligned with our higher self, our ego and stress can influence our behavior and choices. Letting go of our fears is the key to a successful manifestation of our dreams. When we feel overwhelmed and alone, this fear can overtake us as we react to the outside dynamics of the world. However, what we overlook is that we are never alone. There is an Entire Universe supporting us and helping us if we call upon the energies and ask for guidance and clarity. We can use many tools to achieve our desired outcome which is to feel good, feel loved and feel secure.


Our Angels are always with us, as our support team and guiding us through our lives. We are never alone and this is the key to our own personal comfort. Once we call upon the light of the Angels, the love wraps us in comfort over and over and with as many layers as it takes in order for us to finally only feel love. This is a practice we can achieve through prayer, meditation and simply asking for help. By asking the Angels for help, you do them a great honor for they are always in the giving mode. When we ask help from the Angels, we allow ourselves to open up all possibilities of joy and creativity. We no longer feel at war with the outside world or ourselves, and we rejoice in the comfort of the healing light they can give to us.  Our guardian Angels are always with us, each of us has them and they are our allies in the physical dimension of life. How we connect with them is a very personal experience and like each other, we all have unique experiences and levels of openness that we can use to our benefit when receiving guidance and help. There is always someone on your side and nonphysical elements that help you in life that help you pursue your dreams and life tasks.

Jennifer Lyn Sanin (27)

A lot of people are just reluctant or just afraid to ask for help. They are afraid to try. However, the help and love is always there, with you, as you and for you in this lifetime. By allowing yourself to believe in your own potential, your own inner guidance and the little voice in your head that tells you comforting words of love are always a sign that you are never alone. Angels fascinate us as we hold on to the hope that they are messengers of Love and Guidance which when we call upon them it is an Universal law that once asked they will arrive. Trust in your Divine light and open your awareness to the signs around you. Ask for help and allow help to enter your physical reality. A wonderful technique that I enjoy is using a little Rose essential oil in a aromatherapy diffuser as I light a small tea-light in calling in the Angels for the benefit of all with loving intentions and protection.

One of my favorite songs is by Sarah McLachlan.

Angels enjoy the sounds of life like musical chords of our hearts and thoughts, for they are the conductors of the Orchestra of Love.

Much love, Jennifer

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