Holiday Cheer to Holiday Tears: How I am surviving the hectic season.

Holiday Cheer to Holiday Tears: How I am surviving the hectic season.

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Jennifer Lyn Sanin (11)

I wish I could say that staying positive was an easy thing to do all the time. Life just has a way of giving you “reality checks” when you least expect it. Staying in a good mood, let alone a positive one can really be a struggle when you are not surrounded by supportive loving individuals and you don’t have a tribe of friends or close relationships to be there for you in the most despairing times that you need them the most.  It is also in the most challenging and difficult times that we find out who in our lives are really caring, supportive and loving. The ones that are not are clearly highlighted by their judgements and old patterns of beliefs that hold them back from any growth or change.


We find that when we loose our willingness to see things in a new light or perspective than we hold on to the past that no longer serves us. When we hold onto the past of an individual as we know them or knew them then we can not see the change in them and embrace the development of their higher essence. This is when relationships fail. This is the point when people decide they just can’t continue being around negative influences.  Everyone likes to be around positive happy people and when you find yourself around someone who is negative, full of drama or even a dominant force with hurtful actions, it is damn close to impossible to stay happy yourself. I have found that when you really want to fly, that is when you sink your feet into the ground and Earth and take off with full knowledge of your inner potential.

Believe (1)

We all have a special gift inside of us and what is the most important thing to remember and keep in mind is that when we truly believe in our own power than we are capable of anything that we can imagine. Sometimes it is during the most sad depressing times in our lives that we find crisis is something that can help us grow. When we hold onto that spark of hope or inner strength then we can pursue our wildest dreams and search the landscape of our thoughts discovering more and more inner talents along the way. In some ways, the most giving and most generous people are the ones that have gone without and know how it feels to have nothing to give but love, kindness and compassion.  Once we feel we have a momentum to make a change in our lives, we come across resistance from not only layers of ourselves and the blockages of negative patterns but also from others. When we go through any kind of change, it starts with a spark of passion that is ignited and fuels us into a momentum that captivates our entire attention yet once that momentum starts, we start to feel that we are out of control and the world is rushing around us.


We come into resistance from the external world and this can cause doubt or fear within us yet I have learned to move pass those feelings and hold onto to the faith within my heart. There is a strong powerful essence always backing us up in our lives and always with us as our ally. When you tap into the energy of the greater power for the highest good for all then you can allow yourself to be shielded from any harm that is aimed at you or surrounding you. We must always keep believing in our higher potential and our magical powers of healing ourselves by loving ourselves when no one else it there to do so. Once we tap into the power of self-love and care then we can give it to others and create more in our own lives. We can not give to others what is not in our inner world and thus we must discover and unlock our innate talents that we are born with and nurture them like a beautiful seed of life waiting to sprout and grow. Be strong and don’t stop believing in your potential no matter what comes your way. You can achieve so much with a little hope, faith and love. Taking care of yourself during this hectic holiday season is a must for not only your physical health but also your emotional and mental health as well. So, go ahead, love yourself more and hold onto that touch of joy that you find in each moment. Our times are unknown in our lives and how long we will walk this Earth, so make your steps worth it by choosing the path that allows the most joy and love along the way.


Much love, Jennifer


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