O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

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I love trees. They are magical and a blessing to us on Earth. All trees in all seasons and in all places around the planet are extremely special and necessary for life. It is in honor of celebrating life that we enjoy the festivities of the Holiday Season and Christmas. Trees are our connection to Earth.

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The most favorite memory of celebration and declaring cheer is the time we get our family Christmas tree. Many years ago we used to only buy live trees and then plant them again after the holiday season was over however, this year we decided to get a tree from a local tree farm. We bought a beautiful Nobel Fir and the smell is still providing an aromatic delight throughout the house.  Picking out our festive tree is a family event which we all enjoy taking place in and sharing the memory together.

Usually we walk around and select the one that pops out at us and whispers “take me home.” When it is the right one, all of us seem to acknowledge it with a nod and a smile. Once we bring the beautiful tree home, it is time to play some festive music to fill the air with joy. The joy from a child’s eyes is the most beautiful magical gift one can see and as the festivities begin it is a wonderful reminder to truly make the magic last by letting all things go in the sense of control while embracing the joy of the time shared together. Each ornament is a fun display of what represents our likes and styles. Some of us prefer white lights and others prefer colored ones but it is in the sharing of the celebration that unites us all.

O Christmas Tree
This is one of my favorite songs of the Season song by Andrea Bocelli called O’Tannenbaum written by Ernst Anschutz.

Much love, Jennifer

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