The gift of a beautiful friendship and all it entails.

The gift of a beautiful friendship and all it entails.

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I have a friend. My friend is very special to me like a rare jewel that has been hiding among rocks. My friend is a wonderful companion in my life who has been with me through good times and bad times. When my friend was with me in the bad times that I was going through, that was the most special and meaningful act of kindness that anyone could really give to another soul. To have someone actually care for you even when you don’t care for yourself is a recipe for success. This is the gift of a meaningful relationship.

When I think about friendships, I think about plants. For the same reason, plants need nurturing and light. Friendships do too. When we take care of our friends in the manner that we would want to be taken care of then we are nurturing the relationship to its highest honor.

Friends begin with an open heart. Having an open heart allows one to bond and accept another person as their partner because they allow all differences to be excepted and appreciate the unique characteristics of what another has within them. When we see each other for their inner strengths and gifts that they have to offer, then we see what we feel inside of us as well. For we can only give what we feel within our own hearts. We give what we feel is apart of who we are and when we feel good, we are the best givers to others.17554240_1254953524619344_5862526123440192439_n



“A faithful friend is the medicine of life.” The Holy Bible: Apocrypha  6:16

There is nothing more true than the healing power of a friend who comes to one in a time of great need and despair. This doesn’t have to be the only time of course but we can truly tell our real friends by the ones who lift us up when we are down and encourage us and empower us with their loving words of kindness and support. I have had the great fortune of having a really good friend in my life and when I have been able to express myself to an open ear of which one listens, truly listens and then returns guidance and compassion, there is no better healing medicine in life than that relationship. A true friend can come in many forms, many types and last as long as it is meant to last but it is a powerful bond and also very uplifting as well.


A friend in one’s life is a beautiful gift that is not only rare but special between two people. When we are giving in nature, when we follow our own bliss and path then we come across others with similar attributes and values. Sometimes friends can be completely opposite in many ways but what bonds them is the respect for each other and the relationship too. Kindness is a beautiful gift that everyone can give all the time wherever we go in our day to day outings and adventures.

When another person is unkind, it just shows them more about who they are then who you are and it allows inner reflection and growth as we turn inward and learn from another’s example of how not to treat others because that is how we want to improve our own relationships in life. When we are kind to ourselves, we can be kind to other people and this is the key to it all. Be your own best friend first and feel that comfort within you as you radiant it outwards into the world around you and allow yourself to receive all that you give.



“Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” – Casablanca (Screenplay), closing line, spoken by Humphrey Bogart.

Much love, Jennifer

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My career has ranged from coffee manager, sales expert, engineering coordinator, educator to now writer. My hobbies change with the times and my age but my most favorite thing is writing and sharing my journey with others. This is my first blog and a wonderful new hobby for me as I am already a full time educator, a mom of three, a wife and a philosopher. Thank you for spending your time with my writings and I hope that you take away much joy and love from them. Namaste.

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