Joy: chapter one

Joy: chapter one

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Joy has saved my life over and over again. It starts with a small event like an image of a butterfly passing by in the air on its way to an unexplored journey in its short life. The exhilaration in a moment of joy has given me fuel to keep going when my tank runs low on energy or hope in life. Joy to me is Love and Love is Faith with an ever-warming presence of comfort that wraps me with hope until I see only love again. Joy is my best friend. How I met Joy is a long story with endless details and many emotions of discouragement, sadness, misery, hopelessness and fears of the false personality. What matters most is that Joy is with me always, when I turn on the news, read a story, or find a moment to myself to contemplate life and all the experiences that I have been through. I want to share with you now how I came to call Joy my best friend and why it is so important for me to always be hopeful of the future. When we look back into the past of our lives and what we have personally experienced, sometimes we think of the memories that shaped us as distant experiences that hold us to the place we are in life now. Where we are now in this moment is a consequence of all the choices we made in life. The very essence of our learning comes from the karma of those actions and what we did to others without their freewill. When I look back at what I did to others and what was done in my viewpoint to me, I honor the lessons that continue to take me on an evolutional journey of discovering my higher self which is true love. Joy is her best friend. Joy is Love’s sparkle of hope that gives us momentum to move forward with peace and compassion.   It has happened to me when I look back in my mind at all the things that have been in my life and the emotions come up with the memories too. Joy did not meet me in the past while remembering time that has happened yet Joy was always with me there. Joy is the feeling in my heart when I know all of life is too miraculous to describe with words and it overwhelms me with a sense of connection and purpose. It lifts me up and carries me to a world of hope and dreams. Joy is the future of my life as well as the past but most importantly it is my best ally right now in this moment. For anytime I choose to feel despair or unconnected to the loving Divine energy of the Universe, it is Joy that returns to show me the way back to my source of life. A visit from a bird out my window sitting on a branch that has no leaves from the coming season of Winter is a joyful vision. Nature connects me to Joy as it allows me to feel, see and reflect on the very essence of life itself. Like a natural scientist looking for the answers to life and yet as I use my body’s senses to witness the nature around, it is within me that feels the connection of Joy. Joy is within me and no one can take it from me. Only I can walk away from the feeling of Joy yet when I do, a tickle of hope returns and pulls me back to the very nature of my being. It is the month of December, and I feel that Joy is a common theme with the comings and goings of the holidays of my culture. How come I can’t see it outside of me? I look for the clues around me of Joy, the physical traits, the material things in the world and the interactions with others yet the feeling of Joy is coming from none of these things. The real deep feeling of joy is always coming from my own inner spirit. How can that be you ask when we fall into a hole of despair and our illusion of the world and ourselves is overcome by fear and depression? Well, it happens to everyone. There is no one alive who has not felt at one time or another a sense of sadness or emptiness in their lives yet once they have met Joy over and over again, the outer energies of the world don’t become part of our inner being.

One day I was walking down the rocky path of life and stumbled upon a rock beneath my feet. My ankle twisted in pain yet I kept going knowing that my journey was constant and not stationary. There is no end to our journey in life, except when we pass away from our physical body but we continue to exist beyond our death. Our soul or essence is learning in every moment of our life and reviewing what we did once we cross over. It returns to the comfort of love and with arms of joy and love reviews the lessons that we have experienced on the physical plane as we incarnated by choice and will do again and again. This is our lesson, our journey, our shared union with love throughout the ages. We don’t remember this cycle because we are focusing on our life task that we choose to accomplish but we are always connected to source and our higher essence because it is our true nature.

Returning to Joy is a natural state that we all experience in fleeting moments but I say these fleeting little moments of Joy can actually remain with us if we choose to have them part of our daily theme. We can all find individual ways to meet Joy and once we do, this can open our hearts to new opportunities.

These are my own words on Joy and what I feel with my own emotions that I am deciding now to share with you. In the comfort of Joy all of life can be a marvelous experience. We come into this life with a chance to live through joy. It is our best intentions to find happiness and joy but life knocks us down and we feel the set backs all around us. From each age in our lives, we stumble and get back up with the hope of continuing towards our goal of reaching joy. This is an important point to remember, which is that when we feel like we need a spark of hope, joy is lacking and then with a quick turn of events, something comes back to us like a touch of sparkle on the lights of another’s eyes and we feel joyful again. How can we always keep that joyful feeling in our lives every day? Well, I will say that it takes practice. It takes a deep inner strength that feels the joy and gives hope to our lives. Without hope, we are lost to the illusion of despair and fear. Fear controls our ego and our false personality. Once we let go of our fears, we will feel the connection that has never really left us. The love, joy and hope will always be our true nature because that is where our soul has come from, from the very Divine spark our essence grew into an ever evolving miracle of light. Anytime there is a darkness of despair, one must see that the light is always there like a star in the universe as we gaze into the night sky, it is guiding us to our inner knowledge and intuition like a compass of the soul’s journey back to it’s Divine birth. We will return to this Love over and over again and learn each time how to believe in our own power of creating a magical life that gives us expansion and growth when we choose to use the tools that we have at our disposal.

Much love, Jennifer

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My career has ranged from coffee manager, sales expert, engineering coordinator, educator to now writer. My hobbies change with the times and my age but my most favorite thing is writing and sharing my journey with others. This is my first blog and a wonderful new hobby for me as I am already a full time educator, a mom of three, a wife and a philosopher. Thank you for spending your time with my writings and I hope that you take away much joy and love from them. Namaste.

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