Joy: chapter 2

Joy: chapter 2

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One of the tools we can use is JOY itself. Joy is the fleeting emotion of a combination of hopeful dreams and wishes along with a spice of love and magic. It lifts us up like a flying bird and carries us into uncharted lands of new discoveries that allow for expansion of the heart and freedom to choose to create as we desire. Joy is present in anything that we see on a personal level and what brings one person joy will vary from person to person. It is an individual case by case elated sense of complete awe that brings us to a sense of magic like we held when we were younger and still believed in the power of the unknown.

Joy is a gift to ourselves. We can unwrap it and discover the many layers of surprise as it delights us in its powerful source of hope. Sometimes we have to experience the very lack of joy before we can find the presence of joy in our lives. This lack can hurt us, bring us down and cause us to remain stuck without a purpose or dream or vision. When we feel such a lack, when we feel like there is no hope, that is the very time to reach for it more. To this extent, the people in our lives, the tribe that we have, the community of love that we can turn to can be our salvation. To show up and be our true self without judgement is the sacred growing grounds for a journey into self-exploration and discovery. When others allow us to be ourselves, holding the space for our own timely journey then we can unlock the potential within each of us. There is a seed of hidden potential within our core essence that like a flower will bloom with the combination of light and love. Finding those ingredients to grow internally is a journey only we can take ourselves and there is no limit to time on how long it will take. For time is our friend too, we have the power to evolve throughout time and it is only by our own false ego driven personalities that we find lack in our journey or when we compare ourselves to another or judge ourselves that will hinder our growth back to its original loving nature of light within light.

Joy is the friend to all of us. We can reap its rewards and never feel a lack of it because there is no lack of joy. We can fill our lungs with joy and gratitude when we deeply look into our own internal compass within the Universe of Life. This ever expanding Universe will always have your back and support you for this is the very nature of love itself. Love supports and gives unconditionally always. We must lift the veil of our disguise and look into the mirror of love and joy. Our inner spark that is always lit with the help of hope and faith.

I write this with no attachment to any religious source of belief and these are my own words and feelings. Take them as you may, enjoy them or shrug it off as nonsense yet the truth will remain which is Love is the greatest source to all and Joy is the wings of love with highs and lows like a flying bird traveling home to be comforted once again in the arms of an Angel. The joy that you find can never be lost or forgotten. It will expand daily when you find little moments of it throughout your day. With a grateful heart and an open mind, you will unleash great potential in this life of achieving anything your heart desires. That is the magic of Joy. Joy is your best friend too because it is always there to remind you that this life is a gift and our choices in our lives take us to uncharted discoveries of how we can capture joyful moments and make them last eternally.


The best way to predict your future is to it.

Joy is always with you and me, it is who we are by nature and when we unlock our own hearts to feel this then we can live a life that gives us great purpose and fulfillment. Finding our own recipe of joy is a magical adventure that awaits you every dawn and with a heart full of gratitude fills you up once the stars come out and fill us with a sense of completion of another day lived on this beautiful diverse Earth that we share together in this moment in time.

With a joyful heart of love and blessings of good wishes, it is my intention that you have a meeting with Joy as often as you choose to discover it around you and within you because it will always be a personal experience that connects you to your dreams, hopes and visions of creating a life that you desire.

Much love, Jennifer

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My career has ranged from coffee manager, sales expert, engineering coordinator, educator to now writer. My hobbies change with the times and my age but my most favorite thing is writing and sharing my journey with others. This is my first blog and a wonderful new hobby for me as I am already a full time educator, a mom of three, a wife and a philosopher. Thank you for spending your time with my writings and I hope that you take away much joy and love from them. Namaste.

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