The Golden Rule is Kindness and Honesty always.

The Golden Rule is Kindness and Honesty always.

- in Writings by JLS

“Do not hold as gold all that shines as gold.” – Alanus de Insulis, 1202. Parabolae.

A helping hand is always a gift and a blessing indeed. I have been on both sides of this gesture. One side as a helper and another side needing help too. During the Holiday times especially, we need to be conscious of how a little kindness can light the spark of joy in another person’s heart. The simple smile is not so simple at all as it can warm up a saddened face and lift one from sorrow and depression. We never really know what another person is feeling and most of the time, they don’t share what they are going through so we are left with cold judgements and distant eyes of mistrust.
It reminds me of a time when I was living in Istanbul and I was getting ready to move to America. Our family had years of belongings in our house yet we were only taking one luggage each for our move. With little extra money and a huge leap of Faith, we made our voyage across the Earth, thousands of miles into my home country yet as a new immigrant myself since I was away for over a decade. With a cat and three kids in stow, we travelled 24 hours to reach our new land. We gave away everything we had collected from the moment of our marriage to each memory and child that was born, we only saved a few special photos and collectable sentimental things. In our apartment building in Istanbul, we had a doorman who lived in the basement and took care of the families and overlooked the building of ten apartments. My husband gave one of my son’s school backpacks to the doorman’s son. They were the same age. He also gave some clothes and small toys. One month later, my husband received a text message from an old acquaintance which read ” I got this message from a stranger and I think this is about you.” In the message it talked about how could the man reach my husband and when my husband saw who the sender of the message was, he recognized that it was the old doorman from the old apartment building. So he gave the man a phone call. The doorman said “We found gold coins and a golden bracelet in the front pocket of the backpack. We have been trying to reach you so we can return them.” My husband was stunned and curious about what he was talking about. The family was very poor, with two small boys and desperate for money. The man asked my husband if he could travel to the public hospital and meet with him to return the items. The man was taking care of his mother in the hospital and in very difficult times. My husband went there and they returned many items. They were very happy to return the items back and expressed how worried they were that he was so sad and couldn’t even sleep over the situation. This kind of honest behavior is priceless and precious. We never know what another person is going through but it is our actions and how we treat others that make a difference in not only our lives but the lives we touch.

Imagine a world of Peace where there was no money to corrupt our souls and we lived together harmoniously giving to others as we carry love in our hearts. With a simple act of honesty, one shows true peace and love. This is the time we send our blessings to everyone and hope that Peace comforts the hearts of all and like in the Golden Age we live a true Heaven on Earth. We can find this piece of Paradise in the honest good deeds and actions that we do as an individual. For this pureness is the energy vibration that can lift us into a realm of beautiful notes of song, like an Angel singing in Heaven.

Much love, Jennifer


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My career has ranged from coffee manager, sales expert, engineering coordinator, educator to now writer. My hobbies change with the times and my age but my most favorite thing is writing and sharing my journey with others. This is my first blog and a wonderful new hobby for me as I am already a full time educator, a mom of three, a wife and a philosopher. Thank you for spending your time with my writings and I hope that you take away much joy and love from them. Namaste.

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