7 choices for creating a Happy New Year!

7 choices for creating a Happy New Year!

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Here we are again, a brand new calendar year approaching and as celebrations are in the air with many new intentions of creating a better year ahead, we all start off with a huge momentum and sometimes forget about our resolutions a few weeks later.

We can hope for many things in life from finding love, making more money, traveling to a favorite destination or educating ourselves with more knowledge. Sometimes it is about fitness and health, especially after a Season of Treats and Family gatherings by the table with delicious meals. This is a list of choices to consider as you set off on a new journey no matter what your destination might be.

Choice One:  Give more time to the people who inspire you, love you and encourage you to be your true self.  You will find a lot of happiness being around people in your life who not only support you but encourage you to shine through despite any obstacles in life. This will keep you in balance of how you can not only form closer relationships with others but live in a place of joy because the people you choose to give your time to also appreciate the real you.

True Friends allow you to reach for your dreamsand raise you up.

Choice Two: Find something creative to express your inner gifts and talents by any method you find joyful and enlightening. Don’t be afraid to really let go and find your inner voice that sings with the symphony of life itself. Sometimes we are holding ourselves back but this is a great time to try something that you have always wanted to do in a creative expressive way that allows growth and harmony in your life.

The ability to freely createwith true representationof your hearts intentis a gift of expression in the highest form.


Choice Three: Be the warrior you are meant to be with confidence and drive to challenge old beliefs that have made you stuck in the past. Look inward and meditate on ways to connect deeper with your true Essence as you start to feel aligned more energy will flow to you. With more confidence you will forge through new horizons like the warrior paving the way for others to follow.

What lies ahead of you on your discovery of lifeall depends on which path you


Choice Four: Get to reading. Read and read again. The power of the written word is not only timeless but so beneficial as it takes us to other dimensions of time and lives. Pick anything to encourage a little more training, research new ideas and start something that you have always dreamt of doing but were afraid to do before. This is a moment to embrace higher learning and perhaps journaling your discoveries along the way.

It all began with a book,and she discovered a whole new worldunlike anything she ever knew.


Choice Five: Be out there. Get dramatic and show up every day with luster and shine. Show off your inner gifts and be proud like a lion of who you are and what you have to give to others. Express yourself through many methods but do it with a loving manner as you fluff your peacock feathers and proudly display all your glory.

Be bold and live each momentlike a grand celebration, for you are a work of art just waitingto arrive to the next party.


Choice Six: Inspire others by living your bliss and following your dreams. One of my favorite heroes is the one who has lived through many difficult times and always found a spark of hope to keep going. This inspiration can lead to a ripple effect as it spreads outwards and motivates others to shine their own light as well.

Hold the vision of your highest lightand watch your manifestatinos take flight.


Choice Seven: Stand tall as the Royal Soul that you are in life. Be a rock in life as you show your stability and strength in hard times for others. Some people will climb on you and feel bigger as you lift them up with your steadiness. Others might hide behind you and wait for you to show your protective strength. This is the leadership role choice that allows you to bring everyone together and manifest peace and joy with mutual benefits for all. The real diplomat who sees and observes all things and cautiously explores avenues to travel. Lead the way by your own living example. Walk the talk that you speak and take action as you pave ahead new paths to enlightenment.

You don't need a crown to rule the hearts of another just a beautiful honest soul with determination in doing the right thing.

As you wrap up another year of experiences and lived through the consequences of all your actions and choices, the beautiful magical gift that we all share is the gift of a new beginning. Start in this moment fulfilling your inner desires and reach for the dreams that you imagine. This is a beautiful time to be alive and with each breath you are given a chance to make is magical. So off you go, go create some Joy and Love. Happy New You!

Blessings and Love,


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