Why isn’t the outcome of your life today like a Fairy Tale?

Why isn’t the outcome of your life today like a Fairy Tale?

- in Writings by JLS

Fairy tales are not real right? Why sure they are. I will tell you why I believe so strongly in them and how you too can make your own life richly magical just like a fable in time.

You are writing your story now with every single thought, action, and feeling that you are living and processing. You are the director of your life and within you is your magic.

Within you is a world of opportunities

Every resistance that I come into contact within my life makes me want to fight harder to create and hold onto my own dreams. Yesterday, I was told that I see things in a fairy tale way and that the world is not like that. However, with my own life’s experience and my many travels and living in different cultures, I have seen many things that I have taken observation of and flipped the negative into a positive. Each moment has given me more of a foundation for where I am now, and I am more than grateful for all the experiences because they shaped me into my present state of being.

My friend’s comment was in my opinion true because the world is how we see it and when we look through the eyes of the external viewpoint and not the internal, then we see the greater need for change and help. Start helping by looking within your own heart and soul because this is where the change will occur.

Isn't it timeto reveal who your inner Essenceand create a lifeworth living_

This has inspired me to write about why I live in this space of joy and positivity all the time. I have years of experience that has lead me to where I am now and with that came a lot of growth opportunities too. My life has been like a fairy tale all along the way. Some spots have been like a bumpy, rocky path, but I climbed over each rock and boulder and kept going. You can too! You can pick yourself up from where you are and move into a direction that will only bring you loving joy and prosperity. You will guide yourself along your own path and walk the steps with support from the Universe too. I believe in you. Everyone is capable of this potential and everyone has a chance at a magical life just because they are living on this planet. We can all work with what we have and that is when gratitude comes into play. With gratitude, you will create more of what you feel grateful for in life. Trust me, it really works.

Sure, life is tough. Sure, things are sad and depressing and scary at times, but I don’t hold onto that feeling anymore. I have been capable of feeling an emotion and processing it quickly and then moving on while still visualizing my own goals and dreams.

Don’t get stuck in one place of misery or you will find that only the like comes to you. When you are in a truly grateful place in your life and change your entire mind and thinking around to a place of joy and gratitude, you will create a magical life that you have always dreamt of and never before believed possible.


The magic is WITHIN YOU all the time but you have to believe in yourself. It starts right NOW within you. It doesn’t exist outside of you, but within your own power deep inside of you. You have to always love yourself first because you can’t give away what you don’t possess yourself. That means if you want to help others then you must first help yourself.

You might get stuck in the drama, illusion, and fear of the external world, but that fear is not who you really are. You are a pure light of love and joy, but you might have veiled yourself behind a shadow of doom. When you find yourself in this spot, you need tools in the world to lift you up and realign you back to your purpose on this planet.

Finding your purpose begins with finding your joy. Following your heart and intention will lead you down a path of adventure and growth. This is the most exciting and thrilling part of life when we move into the passion of our heart’s intent. When we trust in our inner guidance system and KNOW that we are supported by our Angels and Guides who are with us on our Earth walk.  So start now, with one step, by believing you can create the life you dreamt of because at your source you are love and light.

With love and blessings, Jennifer



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My career has ranged from coffee manager, sales expert, engineering coordinator, educator to now writer. My hobbies change with the times and my age but my most favorite thing is writing and sharing my journey with others. This is my first blog and a wonderful new hobby for me as I am already a full time educator, a mom of three, a wife and a philosopher. Thank you for spending your time with my writings and I hope that you take away much joy and love from them. Namaste.

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