Tips on being a great friend to someone you have never met yet.

Tips on being a great friend to someone you have never met yet.

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Well, how in the world can you be someone’s best friend and yet you have never even met them before? I assure you, it is more than possible and I have been there many times in my own experiences too. I just love connecting with others and especially with people who share the same like minded outlook on life. I am going to share with you my own personal tips on how I have made extremely beautiful friendships and found my soul mate just by the touch of a keyboard and a few genuine words from the heart. It is real, it is beautiful and it is sometimes just what I like to call “kismet” or destiny. By the way, the magic of it all makes you believe in a higher power too.

Connect with what mattersin life. Your attention should be balance with your spirit, mind and body. (2)


Here we go, the list is below. Enjoy and break out of your comfort zone as you too can create life long connections and life-changing breakthroughs in relationships just like I did more than a decade ago.

  1. Connection – It all begins with two simple letters and you are off on a journey of a lifetime by just typing “hi”. Not always actually but that’s how many friendships begin. It is the initial leap of faith and momentum of action that gets the spark going when you find a connection over the internet. For me, it happened a long time ago and the internet was new to social chats. We didn’t experience it before in my youth and so when I made the first initial hello it seemed like a huge deal to me to be so courageous and “out there”. But, I did it and it made me never regret it too.
  2. Caution – Now of course you have to trust your instincts and that gut feeling inside about whoever you decide to connect with in life and especially someone that lives across the world and is from a whole different culture and has had a very different upbringing than yourself. I had many friends and family question my sanity as I made a huge connection and in time later did meet the person. But, that’s another story for another time. There is a lot of valid concern however, don’t let it stop you when you decide to write a few words to someone new for the first time. Always be sure to keep your private details to yourself and see how the flow of conversation goes in a manner that doesn’t alarm you or make you feel uncomfortable. That certainly is not the direction you want to take so make it joyful and fun instead of desperately trying to make a friend. It should be mutual as well.
  3. Make it last – time truly does show the colors of a person’s heart and with time you will understand that person more and how they react to the world will also give you a clue about how they might be as a friend or companion. With time, everyone shows their shadows and patterns as well as judgements and personal belief systems, so give it time and don’t rush. Even when we feel an instant attraction to the vibe of a person, it is also a good reminder to go with the flow and allow the element of time help the relationship along.
  4. Honesty – Well this is a huge one for me actually, it sets the tone and course of all my relationships too. I can “see” right through a person without even meeting them as I understand their energy in their words, their tone of voice when they talk, the “meaning behind the facade” and all of the above. Make sure you are in a place where honesty is real and if anyone is not honest with you, move on. It is not worth your time or energy to waste on building a reciprocal friendship. Life is too damn short to waste it on bullshit. Trust me, the years fly by and you just want to make the most of your time as much as possible. Move on as soon as you detect a red flag, and let it go! Truly, let it go if it isn’t working with your inner voice of reason.
  5. Loyalty– When you give yourself to another, you must be honest and always compassionate. When you are a friend with someone, you must be there when times are good and bad. A real friend has your back when you are not around and always lifts you up when the storms of life arrive. A friend who dances with you in the rainstorms will be there when the real weather changes and they will always help you survive the rough waters of life as you will be there for them.
  6. Have fun– Enjoy the connection and always be kind. Manners are a huge deal in life. We tend to overlook them so much these days, but a little kindness makes or breaks a relationship. You need to be real but you also need to be compassionate too. Don’t just be the one who does all the talking or expressing, allow another to express who they are and listen with your heart to their words. You will learn a lot more from another just by being a great listener and you will also learn patience. That is another great skill to have in life, learning not to react like a rocket when emotions come into play. Just have fun and connect with love and humor, that will always build a wonderful foundation for a lasting relationship.
  7. Don’t judge – Judging is so out of date yet we are doing it all the time aren’t we? What the hell is that all about anyway? Who are we to judge another person? We don’t know their story.
  8. Everything counts– Don’t forget that it is truly the small things and simple things in life that make a huge difference in many things. With a little gratitude you will see your life explode with love and opportunities yet with a different attitude, you will be a failure in life. You will need to understand that real friendship is not about competitiveness or who succeeds more than another. You can not be a success if you don’t wish that on another person. So, make sure your intentions are honestly real and not just for yourself. Vice versa or course too, you don’t need anyone sucking up your energy just for their own benefit. Shield yourself from anything negative and if you feel it is not working, then really move on. Go find another source of joy and companionship and one that benefits you too. Small acts of kindness are the beginning of a beautiful relationship and when you treat another like a VIP in life, then you will see they also treat you that way as well.
  9. You’ll be fine– You should understand that relationships must be a work in progress. Don’t wait for only good times because bad times will occur in life but just be real and let another know where your boundaries are and how much you will allow before you set the limits too. You will always benefit by connecting with another because we are living souls on Earth just trying to figure each other out and ourselves as well.
  10. It is good to have a companion in life – Don’t take this journey alone, in fact, you can’t really. You need people, they need you. We all have gifts that we give to others and they have gifts they give to us. Walk this path in life with another, hand in hand, dancing under the stars and singing with your heart. Life is meant to be fun and when it’s not, you will need a great friend there to pick you up and shine light through the dark times. You deserve it and so do they, the rich experiences that touch your soul and make you cry with love because your heart has expanded so wide and you can’t turn back. Grab onto that kind of love and walk with pride. You are never alone. You are always supported and real friends will be there for you when you need them.


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