Top 5 reasons to use Citrine the entire year.

Top 5 reasons to use Citrine the entire year.

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Citrine – Your Prosperity Crystal

Top 5 reasons to use Citrine the entire year

Citrine's magical light
Citrine, the golden crystal

Citrine is like the Golden Yellow Sun shining its warm light unto the Planet Earth and bringing Life Energy to all of its inhabitants. It is the Crystal for you to use all year long. It allows all of us to manifest positivity and brings us abundance with its golden energy of light and love. This crystal is a beautiful yellow-brown color.  It protects and nurtures our inner well-being.

Citrine is like a ray of sunshine that heats our inner core with joy and comforts us when we feel unbalanced in our lives.

Using Citrine will allow old energies to be released so new light enters giving us a brighter, fresher feeling of overall well-being.

Citrine is an invaluable crystal

Citrine (SiO2) is one of the rarer varieties of quartz. It forms from recrystallized quartz solutions and iron impurities that give it the color of golden-yellow. It is an invaluable healing stone and balancer, working to ground and support energies of the solar plexus, your yellow chakra.

The gentle soothing nature of this stone aids in healing anxieties and clearing toxins as it releases golden creative energies that bring about improved memory and releases fears. As it removes stresses, it activates   personal power within us.  Citrine works on the solar plexus and crown as the element of fire penetrates like a healing golden light connecting you to your higher consciousness.

Some powerful advantages of using Citrine

Citrine allows us to “lighten up” and raise our vibration as it holds within itself the powerful light of the golden Sun. It doesn’t take on negativity from its surroundings.

This is a great crystal to have around bedrooms to lift the vibration and bring in joy and happiness. Citron also helps prevent nightmares and helps shield you from unwanted vibes. Keep citrine by your bed as it promotes a calming warm energy like the Sun giving you a hug. 

With Citrine’s high vibration, it cleanses and energizes all chakras.  Citrine helps with detoxification, the circulation and energy system, the female reproductive system, the spleen, the pancreas, kidneys, bladder, thymus, and thyroid glands. As a disclaimer, always seek advice from your medical professional in all cases of illness. There are wonderful stories of this amazing stone that are legion.

Top 5 reasons to use Citrine 

  1. Abundance   Citrine is well known – as a merchant stone. It is often placed next to cash registers to attract monetary abundance and prosperity. Whatever your heart desires, Citrine activates your ability to bring dreams and desires into your life. It holds our intentions and amplifies them to bring about prosperity, joy, and contentment. It opens your mind to the endless possibilities of the Universe. Citrine enables you to see  your own inner riches clearly. This powerful crystal helps align your intentions with the Universe for your higher good.
  2. Acceptance  Citrine is a powerful crystal to use when working on the third chakra. It ensures harmony to our digestive area and clears away sluggish energy.  Allow the joyful energy of the Sun to warm your entire body with golden light. Using Citrine promotes self-acceptance and allows us to glow with radiance like the confident lion in the grasslands. Accept your inner sparkle.
  3. Joy – Citrine brings joy into the physical reality by its gentle uplifting light energy. It reminds us that happiness is the treasure of life. When we use Citrine, the energy promotes contentment  as it clears away negativity and brings in the warm glow of harmony and balance. This crystal encourages you to hold gratitude for all things in your life as it brings in joy into your life. 
  4. Manifestation – Use this powerful energy clearing crystal to bring about change in your life for its higher purpose.  The beautiful crystal radiates harmony so that all wishes are aligned with your higher good and soul path. What the mind can conceive, it can achieve as this powerful stone helps you harness your desires. Citrine releases the feelings of lack and fills our hearts with joyful self- esteem.
  5. Protection – Citrine protects and heals as it is capable of holding its Sun-like light of warm protection and doesn’t take on other energies. It works independently on clearing out stuck energies and rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul with glowing love. Use it to ward off unwanted negativity and promote harmony within the environment. Citrine absorbs negativity. It radiates positivity like golden sunshine. Citrine protects against any unwanted energies.

Allow the golden rays of this stone to penetrate through all negativity and promote happiness and prosperity year-round. 

This article was written by Jennifer Lyn Sanin.

Looking forward to hearing your comments below. Thank you.

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