How To Get Unstuck

How To Get Unstuck

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Getting Unstuck Is Easier Than ImaginedGetting stuck doesn't have to be permanent

How To Get Unstuck

Get Unstuck Right Now And Step Into Your Power
Get Unstuck Right Now

10 Ways to make it happen.


1. Do something small just to get unstuck now. 

Find Gratitude In Everything In Life
Things become miraculously new when you find the light of gratitude within you.

 It starts with a spark to ignite the passion of momentum and sometimes some of us need a little motivation in life. I am one of those who feel the momentum first and then act.

When I am motivated, there is no stopping me but it is the initial first step that is always a challenge. Doing something small to activate that action is the first step. Without focusing on all the things to prevent you from your vision, goals or dreams, instead focus on something right now in the moment that promotes you into alignment with what you want out of life. So, for example, if you want to lose some weight, like I do right now, then think about today and how you can make small actions to motivate you into a new lifestyle that helps you toward achieving your goal. Over the winter months, I felt sluggish, and comforting myself was a priority with warm home cooked meals and lots of inside time away from the elements of the cold wintery air. Getting myself motivated was a big deal and I didn’t like the idea of leaving my comfort area of a nice warm routine of staying inside. However, despite the weather, we can learn to dress for it and face the elements in the world. So, here I am now, on a cold winter day dreaming of Spring and visualizing my thinner self walking with a lighter step of joy in my pace.

There is always something we can do in small acts that help us move toward our goals and dreams. There is always something to work on that can help us improve our lives and motivate us in achieving our dreams. So, set little ways to change today and take that five minute walk outside even if you need a jacket and a raincoat because it starts the momentum to act on your intentions.

2. Have a good breakfast and take your vitamins.

Each Moment Is A Blessing
Start with breakfast and vitamins as you feel the gratitude in each savory bite of life.

As a mom, I always give my children breakfast before they go off to school. They are still young enough that they don’t make breakfast for themselves right now and I am not ready to hand over that lovely motherly comfort of nurturing them as if they were still rocking in my arms. So, every morning before they go to school, they have breakfast. There are times when I focus so much on other people that I forget that I too have needs and nurturing myself is a very important step to staying on top of my health in all areas. So, it starts for me with a cup of coffee. Now, I love coffee in the morning and that is a whole separate book for me to write but it sometimes and very often leaves my stomach uncomfortable too. Taking good care of ourselves is a major part of helping others because we need to breath from our own oxygen masks while we put on others. I think of the many times we flew across the world on airlines and how they reminded me of this very simple yet important survival technique. If we take care of ourselves, we can give to others, period. So, it starts with a good morning routine of water, vitamins and something nutritional to start your day off to a good start. There is another piece of the momentum puzzle right there, beginning with breakfast. The power of a good breakfast is so important to start our day with energy and vitality. A very popular choice in our house is a berry shake. Whatever you decide to have for breakfast is your choice but it is important to begin by having something.

3.  Decide your next three steps.

List All Your Blessings
Write down all the blessings in your life and why you are grateful for them as you start your process for manifestation.

So, you had a good breakfast, your are awake from your coffee, if that is your choice, and you are sitting there on your bum thinking, “Now what?” Take out a pen and paper, if you are old school, otherwise grab your electronic device and start to write down what your next three steps of action are going to be for today. Yes, today! Why focus on today? Well, it is simple, you are living in the moment always. So live it that moment with full intention of getting something done right now.  Write down and let your thoughts go to what needs to be done in your daily routine and then get up and do it!

4.  Evaluate whether you need help or research to get things done.

Hmm, do you have a project right now or a task that you find overwhelming at the moment and it causes you stress and frustration? Well, ask for help. Find a resource of help and allow yourself to receive the help you deserve from the Universe. There are opportunities all around and waiting for us to see them. Take a fresh look at the ways we can create more avenues of open doors rather than closed paths and open those journeys with the exhilarated joy and go for it. We sometimes feel that we have to take on all the challenges of the world and prove to ourselves and others how worthy we are of success when I have found great new joy in the fact that I CONTROL MY LIFE. Yes, we do. We all have control of what we feel we need to do and how we actually do it. So, if you are stuck, ask for help. Seek help. Call in your allies of the Universe and pray that you are on your way. You are on your way because you let go and are ready to accept help from sources that are already available to you once you open your heart, mind and body to allowing the help to enter into your reality.

5.  Ask the Universe for support and assistance. Say it aloud.

The Entire Universe has got your back. Be brave in creating the Life you want.

“Hello!” do you hear me? Yes, we do, says the Universe of all loving allies and guides. We are here waiting for you to verbalize what it is that you need or want help with, so please say it aloud. Right now, ask for what you want. Don’t be shy, you need to say it and hear it to understand that by the act of doing so, you have already decided what it is you want. There is another huge step in your path to getting unstuck. You are deciding what you need to do and asking the Universe of supporters to help you get unstuck. Good for you, you can do anything once you have made up your mind that you are capable of change, making choices and allowing yourself to receive from other sources too. If you want help, ask. Period.

6.  Take the next step. Do it.

Take The First Step

So, you had some excuses, blockages, and old habits that are just frankly not serving you well right now. Get over them. Move out of that energy and embrace the elements of innovation, change and passionate desires as you act on what you want to change in your life. Do it. Just do it. Get out of your comfort zone, put on your shoes and take that first important step to getting it done. With that first action, you will find how it feels inside of you and actually want to do it again and so on and so on. You will like the feeling of moving toward your goals, dreams and plans with the encouragement of action mode. This will build another incentive within you and remind you how it feels the next time you get stuck. You will remember how good it felt to do it. Then, that will motivate you again and so on, you will get that ball rolling, metaphorically towards your desired outcome. Good for you. You are in charge, now.

7.  Focus on one task at a time.

Relax and Allow

We can feel overwhelmed and look at the whole picture as overwhelming and usually this is what keeps us from moving into a space of creation and manifestation. If we continue to look on the outside of our existence and compare our lives to the external world then we are bound to feel stuck. When we focus on our inner essence, take a deep breath and realize that all is actually well and our best is right in the moment. What we do is to find our joy again, find that love of life, that gratitude that reminds us that life is a beautiful playful place to live our dreams and we can fulfill them by feeling the passion for our magical blessings. Focusing on what we already have and then acknowledging that we are always doing our best will allow us to feel the joy again and then we move forward, one step at a time. This builds the momentum back into our action mode of doing and feeling good about our accomplishments. Imagining how it feels to do one task and then giving it our all. 

8.  Identify your last step so you will know when you are done.

You have a vision already of what you want to happen and by holding that in your mind, you are also creating ways to achieve it. Decide what your last step of action is going to be even before you do it. This will allow you to focus and tune in to what needs to be done step by step. As you come closer to your desired goal, you will feel the momentum stronger which activates more momentum and excitement.  We know what it is when we are stuck however we can’t really describe actions to get out of that space. So when we focus on the outcome and we take action on the steps to get to it, we feel better. The very act of doing something even when it appears small is a huge step towards getting unstuck.

9.  Celebrate as if you are already done with being unstuck. Let that feeling sweep over you and carry you through getting unstuck.

Celebrations are very important. Life is full of many obstacles, roadblocks, and other challenging events, so when one successful victories occur, then honoring the process and achievements of conquering them is a huge part of the momentum flow. The act of noticing that something wonderful is on its way or has already happened is a tribute itself to work well done.

10.  Tell everybody you know that you are not stuck anymore. Say it aloud with confidence and self-praise. Not only will you hear your own words but so will others and the Universe.

Express yourself and allow yourself to hear your own words of accomplishments. It feels great to let it out and hear the positive accomplishments that you worked towards. Be proud, celebrate your accomplishments and allow yourself to feel good. You are praising a job well done and you have all the reasons to feel great about it too. Being proud of yourself is a wonderful step toward seeing good in others as well. For when you have felt the hard work and did the steps that it takes to succeed then you appreciate seeing others follow their own dreams too. You not only recognize the efforts of others, you will tend to be their greatest cheerleader as well. Say it with love and feelings of joy and take time to enjoy life again.

Okay, so now you are unstuck. Keep these steps for the next time that you get stuck. You already know that this process works.

You can use these steps over and over again throughout your life.

With Love,
Jennifer Lyn Sanin

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