How Lucky Are You?

How Lucky Are You?

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How Lucky Are You?

How Lucky Are You? Well, how Lucky do you feel? Doesn’t luck have a link to the word itself and the feeling of how grateful you are? Do you feel like your moments in life are truly blessed? Are you feeling that everything just seems to work out for you? Do you spend much effort on making your dreams come true? Isn’t life supposed to be full of joy and fun?

Do you wake up feeling great every morning? Would you like to wake up and feel great every morning? How often do you wake up feeling fantastic and how does that make you feel? If you wake up in the morning so grateful to be alive, does that set the tone for the rest of your day? Do you enjoy starting the morning off on a good foot? Before you even get out of bed, do you think about the blessings in your life? How can you start the day better if you feel unlucky?

Thinking about what brings you joy is a part of luck, right?

Once you get out of bed, are you energetic for the day? Do you have a deep sense of purpose? Is your purpose motivating you to act from a place of love and joy? How often do you say “Good Morning” to others? When you are greeted with a smile and a cheerful hello, does it make you feel special? How can you begin the day if you feel out of sorts? Can you imagine a better way to begin your day? Thinking about the good things in life just feels great, doesn’t it? 

If you feel wonderful, do you allow others to bring you down? Are you wrapped in a shielded bubble of joy, or does your bubble pop quickly when external forces test you? When you start your new day, do you shield yourself emotionally from the negativities that might arise? Are you comfortable making yourself a priority in life? Have you seen the benefits of self-care? Is it important for you to take care of yourself so that you can give to others? Or, do you find yourself always giving and not having the energy to meet your own self-needs?

Are you looking forward to your schedule during the day? Is your routine one that brings you joy and happiness? What kind of things do you like to do? Are you following your passion in life or do you feel that your passions and goals are still just dreams?

How comfortable are you in your daily life? Are you treating yourself well as you go about your day? Do you take time to reflect, rest, and celebrate events that occur daily? How often do you express your joy to others? Is it a daily thing or only when you feel that they need it? Do you feel that luck has something to do with fate? What is fate anyway? Do you believe that you are destined to have a wonderful life or are you skeptical?

Do you feel luck has anything to do with money? Are you expecting your luck to change when you bring – or allow – more abundance into your life? Or, do you feel that life is just a bunch of random chances? Are you willing to fritter away your happiness trying to make others happy? Or, do you feel an internal drive to make yourself happy in life and then allow others to be attracted to your joyful spirit?

How often do you laugh?

Do you laugh every day? Weekly? Only once a month? Do you think other people would call you playful? What about little children? Are they scared when they see you because you look so serious, or do your eyes sparkle with joy? How does it make you feel when you see other people happy? Do you believe happiness is something that comes from within, or do you believe that being lucky causes happiness? How often do you reflect on what you already have and feel grateful? Doesn’t each person have his or her own ideas about what luck brings to our lives? Do you feel unique and special just the way you are now – because there is only one of you? You are a delight to this world, wouldn’t you agree?

Don’t you create your own luck?

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My career has ranged from coffee manager, sales expert, engineering coordinator, educator to now writer. My hobbies change with the times and my age but my most favorite thing is writing and sharing my journey with others. This is my first blog and a wonderful new hobby for me as I am already a full time educator, a mom of three, a wife and a philosopher. Thank you for spending your time with my writings and I hope that you take away much joy and love from them. Namaste.

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