Have You Ever Been Annoyed With Time?

Have You Ever Been Annoyed With Time?

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Have You Ever Been Annoyed With Time?

Does time really exist? Well, it is all perspective, isn’t it? Time is a valuable part of our physical condition while living on Planet Earth. However, many of us feel that time is something we need to capture, cherish, or manipulate.

I have had quite a moment in time being completely annoyed with having “no time” to do what I truly want to do. That is a complete waste of my energy and time! It only makes me feel anxious, impatient, grumpy, and to be frank, not a pleasant person to hang out with.

I am very busy mom, a full-time school teacher, a thought leader, wife, life coach, mentor, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, and scholar of life.

I find time to be quite annoying when I can’t get stuff done “on time.” Unfortunately, I tend to take out my frustrations on the people around me. I get short when answering questions, as if I was annoyed with the person or the question. However, in my own mind, I am only annoyed with the idea of “losing time.” I will work on changing this when “I have the time.”

It is wonderful to have a passion in life. It is fantastic to follow your dreams and work every day on something that you want to accomplish. However, we all need reminders about the value in taking a step back, reflecting on our progress, and realizing that there is a divine time to our journey in life.

What is this fear of missing out?

What is it in me that makes me feel as if I am missing out on time when I can not juggle my busy life in a satisfying way? I believe it is impatience and a huge passion to expect that my dreams have already come into manifestation.

Like a little toddler, I want it now. I want the desires, wishes, and goals to appear now. This untamed inner child needs to be soothed, with a hug and a metaphorical blanket of love. Honestly, we all can benefit from being easier on ourselves. 

In our daily busy lives, when we find ourselves overwhelmed with time itself, we can choose to use a number of tools to calm us down and ground us.

One of the tools that I like to use includes deep breathing. Closing my eyes and returning to the essence of life, which is in every breath we take. I focus on every single breath. I feel the energy of life surge through me. It only takes a few minutes, but it helps reduce our stress level, which our bodies feel in every cell.

Another tool that I like to use is to go for a walk in nature. Somehow, just being around trees, animals, and fresh air can help me. A gentle walk can benefit the body as well as the psyche.

Also, sometimes when I journal, I can look over the days and find a pattern. When I write things down in my journal, I know that it will not only help me clear my mind, but it also helps sort my priorities.

Journaling can be an excellent tool when you find yourself out of time and out of whack.

It allows you to write and communicate all the things that are important to you in the moment. Then, you can reread what you have already written down to discover what has been on your mind. You might surprise yourself and realize how much you have grown over time!

So, right now, as you read this article, my wish for you is to know that you are in the right moment of time. You are doing the best that you can, choosing to make life work for you, and discovering along the way how important the simple things in life can be.

This conscious act of taking a few moments to recognize and celebrate all that you are and all that you are becoming is a grand way to honor time itself.  Don’t you agree?

With love,

Jennifer Lyn Sanin

P.S. If you have the TIME, please drop me an awesome comment below and share with me how you are feeling right now. Thank you.

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