Lavender Can Enhance Your Life Everyday

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The universal regal flower of the herbs brings calm, comfort, peace, and healing properties.

Lavender – The Queen of Herbs

The famous rhyme from Lavender’s Blue brings joy to the hearts of many.

What makes Lavender an incredible herb with so many uses for all of us to enjoy?

Lavender has always brought me comfort and harmony. It has been a flowering plant that I have sat next to for hours watching the beautiful flowers attract so many other life, like bees and butterflies. 

The playful child among fields of violet are some of the most treasured moments.

Children with much curiosity touch the violet flowers and bring the soft small petals to their noses for an introduction to peace and tranquility. Lavender takes me to another world, a world of calming peace that reminds me to appreciate the beauty of the Earth and be thankful for the miracles in life.

Original writings by Jennifer Lyn Sanin


How often do you take time to discover new treasures of the Earth, like lavender?

The feel of moist soil through my fingers on a warm sunny day as I plant the beautiful purple flowers that not only bring me calming joy but an abundance of bees to our garden. The most regal of all herbs for me personally is the beautiful lavender plant with its delicate fresh fragrance that fills the air all around as the wind carries the scent of clean, fresh, floral notes to all areas of our yard. Not only do the bees benefit from the lavender but so do the butterflies, children, and our family as we use the clippings in our most favorite food and drink recipes.

The clean fragrance reminds me of spring and fresh beginnings.


Everyday uses of lavender can benefit everyone.

Lavender is an herb that delights my soul and brings me close to the memories of yesterday. The beautiful purple flower takes me into another time with its dreamy cluster of violet and hardy stalk that lasts throughout the months. We plant many varieties of lavender each year. The plants enjoy the sunshine and frequent visits of all animals and critters. The everyday joy continues as we harvest the flowers during the different seasons and use the plants’ botanical and essence properties almost daily.

Many butterflies enjoy the flowers of the majestic lavender plant.

On a beautiful morning, the scented tea leaves with lavender accents bring a sense of calmness to start the day.  The uses of lavender are limitless and beneficial to many as it is a plant itself rarely has any side effects with humans and animals. The varieties are numerous and shades from silver, light green, blue, purple, deep purple, and violet. I like to try different varieties and mixed them with roses in the yard. 

One should experience a walk among flowers, for it is a treasured gift that reminds us of miracles all around.

Lavender is a hearty plant that can benefit the garden. Lavender attracts the right kind of environmental insects. Throughout history, lavender has been a cherished plant for many uses. It is great for the body, mind, and soul. 

Lavender is popular in many body products.

The use of lavender essential oil in a salt bath can calm your nerves. Lavender promotes relaxation. After a long day, a warm bath in lavender releases stress.

If you are interested in discovering some Lavender products, click the link for more details.

Hope you have enjoyed my thoughts on lavender. Look for my articles on Lavender Essential Oils and Herbs for Health, too.


One fantastic relaxing bath includes lavender. Here is my favorite one.

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